About the WellBe Hub

What we're about

The WellBe Hub is a mental health and wellbeing service designed to support individuals and organisations to develop skills that promote positive health through counselling and training. Our service helps organisations prepare for issues that may arise in their communities. By providing the latest evidence-based `Mental Health First Aid training through Mental Health First Aid, staff are well prepared to recognise signs of mental ill-health or emotional distress, ensuring vital support is provided at the earliest opportunity. Our counselling service offers an effective approach to working with individuals to help them make sense of difficult experiences, allowing them to take back control of their lives. A range of practical skills and techniques can empower people to make small changes that lead to big differences in health, resilience and life satisfaction. 


How we can help 
Positive health and wellbeing and be taught through a range of courses or one to one support. No one size fits all, 
which is why the service is tailored to suit you. The WellBe Hub recognises that you are the expert in you, your team or the community you serve, which is why the partnership is at the heart of everything. Whether it's, training, counselling or a bespoke service, contact us today to find out how we can make a difference.  

The growing demand on services 

The demand for mental health and wellbeing services has never been higher. The government is increasing investments and has committed to treating mental health and physical health equally. To address why people don't access support earlier, tackling negative attitudes towards mental health stigma has been a key focus in the UK since 2007. Time to Change is the largest campaign to positively change attitudes towards mental health resulting in 9.6% of the population showing improved attitudes towards mental health within a 
decade, that's an estimated 4.1 million people! Good mental health is now firmly recognised as integral to a healthy nation and economy.


Why is the need for mental health services more urgent? 

We all know that Coronavirus has impacted the nation's health but services were described as breaking point even before facing a pandemic. Why is this? With the positive shifts being made towards attitudes, more people feel able to access services, leading to unprecedented demand leading to what has been described as a mental health crisis. In response to this, the government is calling for urgent plans to change the nation's approach to consider preventative approaches. 


Opening Hours

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